Sunday, January 9, 2011

Faux Metal Corners

Got to give this one to Cynthialoowho. I watched a video she did making faux metal corners and fell inlove. The gold and red ones were done using a very heavy weight, mirror shine, card stock, that I ran through the Big Shot. I DON'T recommend using the Martha Stewart border punches with the heavy weight card stock. I tried one and it was just too detailed to go through thick paper. I certainly didn't want to break my new punch! So, I did it the way Cynthia did. At Wal-Mart (or any hardware store) they have the foil tape where the duct tape is. Cut a 2 x 2 square of light weight card stock and place the same amount of foil over it. Smooth out with your finger or run through your Big Shot. Score 2 adjacent sides at 1/2". Where the corners meet, cut to the center on one side, then cut from the corner to the center of the last point. So you'll only be removing 1/2 of that corner, saving the other half to glue together. Just fold score lines, hot glue together, and you're ready to attach it to your project. Thanks Cynthia for this cool idea.