Monday, February 22, 2010

What is God to you?

Since I have been going to church (over 30 years now), the older I get, the more songs have such a meaning to me. Songs are not by any means the reason we go to church nor should be be the best part of the service for us, but we tend to be able to relate to music and it's easily understood.

I've sang in the choir for as long as I can remember, and ever so often you can feel the spirit begin to move within the church when we start singing the amazing songs of zion. About a year ago, we were introduced to this song, and sometimes when I'm here at home just cleaning or sitting around doing nothing, this song comes to mind and brings an instant tear to my eye. I've heard Amazing Grace all my life along with a lot of older Christian songs, but this one is special to me for many reason. No matter what storm rages around me, what valley or mountain top I'm on, whatever I need..that's just what He is. Here are the lyrics...wish I could give you the tune and it'd be stuck in your head too!

Whatever I need, That's just what He is:

Sometimes I try to tell what Jesus means to me
And I find myself searching for words to say just what I mean
I never can quiet describe how good He's been to me
For I know whatever I need that's just what He is
He's my rock and my deliverer He's my strenght My God and my King
He's my shelter in time of trouble yes I look to Him for everything
He can be a Mother , a Father a friend and on Him I can always depend
For I know whatever I need, that's just what He is

I'm poor and needy yet the Lord thinks about me
In troubled times He's a high tower and a refuge you see
This world has nothing to offer me I'll cling to Him
For I know whatever I need, that's just what He is



Paula said...

The answer is everything or we are nothing without him.